OBRAS 1968 – 2010 (selection)

Until 2006 he took inspiration from any image, symbol or object which he then transformed and modified into very personal artistic expressions. His expression ranged from minimalist paintings to more complex works and he used surprising and unexpected materials and techniques to reinforce the expressive capacity of his work. He frequently used objects and materials of all kinds, different colours of sand from geological sediments found in Spain, ground limestone, kaolin, varnish, enamel, wax, synthetic resin, silicone and various chemicals.

In 2007 and 2008 he worked mostly with aluminium, cutting and attaching archaic signs to wood or canvas allowing him to physically manipulate his paintings with the intention of reinforcing the psychological content of his work with reflections of light.

In his travels through China with its approximately 500 languages and dialects, he was fascinated that people could efficiently communicate with one another thanks to Chinese character-based writing (logographic type sinograms) and he wanted to show that signs were used for communication prior to language and that languages are alive because they are constantly evolving.

In 2009/2010 he continued with the sociological concept of communication, focusing on the subject of SMS (text messaging) and worked mostly with aluminium plates in two and three dimensional works.

He thus proved that young people’s SMS texts, with their abbreviations, mistakes and word creations are very similar to archaic signs and cannot be understood without special knowledge.

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