PERFO PAINS since 2015 (selection)

Starting in 2015/16, zZARÁ interacts with visitors at his performances. He has built a 5.5 meter high tripod from which he drops large stones onto aluminum plates producing enormous holes, bumps and bulges. He also shoots his PAIN BALLS (bullets that produce PAIN) at the plates with a pistol like those used in Paintball. He then applies a mix of spray paint colours on the entire plate, removes the oily substance from the dents and transforms those dents into their negative image.

In his workshop, on the back of these metaphorical works made with the help of the audience, he attaches loudspeakers and a microcomputer (Art Sound Board) developed by Dr. Frank Zaugg, a scientist and researcher in Silicon Valley, which is activated by means of sensors.

People who are looking at a work or who walk by thus trigger the recorded voices of participants at the artist’s performances and the voices of world-renowned personalities speaking about the critical situation we are currently facing and issues that are of concern to everyone today.

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