WORKS 2011 – 2014 (selection)

From 2011 to 2014 he focused on experimenting with new expressions. The result was ‘HUELLAS’ (tracks) on paper, wood and canvas, ‘DAY—NIGHT’ works that look different in the dark and paintings and sculptures in aluminium such as ‘PERFORATIONS’ and ‘BUMPS and BULGES’ which are metaphors of the crisis, i.e. the economic and social situation affecting Spain and the rest of the world.

After that he focused his attention on the creation of ‘MULTIPOSS’. Through these small aluminium sculptures which can be modified into many different figures, zZARÁ encouraged spectators to experiment and develop their creative capacity given that this very creativity and innovation are needed to get us out of the crisis. Through other ‘MULTIPOSS’ which includes the words ‘WHO ARE YOU’ in multiple languages, he suggests that people should feel very proud about speaking one of the 7,000 little known languages as their mother tongue, although it is also important to know one of the universal languages to be able to get by in the world.

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