BLACK HOLS since 2016 (selection)

Since 2016/2017, zZARÁ has focused on creating works based on the concept of BLACK HOLES. In his imagination, and as a metaphor, everything negative that the artist has criticized since 2015 (viral infections, unemployment, poverty, war, violence, misery, corruption, torture, betrayal, etc.) is now transferred to the universe in the hope that at some moment intime they will enter the orbit of Black Holes and remain trapped there eternally. This is the artist’s way of metaphorically suggesting that only positive things should survive in the world such as life free of viral disease, peace, justice, tolerance, security, education, culture, creativity, hope, understanding etc. Negative and positive things are presented in these works with symbols, letters, words spoken or projected with light on the surface of the paintings, and the people who walk by trigger voices that express what they are thinking or concerned about.

The works created on steel plates produce hundreds of reflections of light, and also reflect their immediate surroundings. This shows the fantastic true colours of the immediate surroundings of BLACK HOLES. zZARÁ has created numerous PRINTMAKINGS of his original steel works. Depending on their location and the light, the works reflect the light and surroundings in a very surprising way, changing the appearance of each one. These changes are captured on the PRINTMAKINGS. The creations are printed on transparent methacrylate with a white background and covered with sheet of PVC. A maximum of five numbered copies are produced.

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